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Perfect software for monitoring your operating system at any given moment.

Personal Monitor is the stealth tool of your every day work allowing you to monitor every user interaction with your operating system. Whether you want to record your work or keep your PC safe by watching out for someone else's actions, Personal Monitor is the solution for you.

Process Activity Monitoring

Process usage ratio

Personal Monitor provides a list of processes that have been used on your system during its monitoring process. It records the usage ratio of every process and a last used timestamp. You can monitor a specific window or a process, monitor windows for a specific phrase, or simply blacklist URLs or processes preventing them from being showed or ran on your system. All the monitoring is logged and can be displayed for a given date.

Keyboard Activity Recording

It's easy to know what was typed on your keyboard

Personal Monitor is able to record every key stroke made on your keyboard. All the recordings are saved in a specially formated log which filter out odd key strokes such as the ones related to text deletion. It offers an extensive overview of what was recorded with options to manually turn on and off certain filters. You can also view historic data or export it to your hard drive.

Screen Recording

An image preview of the Desktop activities

Personal Monitor's built-in screen recording allows you to record activity that went on in your system. You can configure it to record only active window or the entire desktop, you can setup recording interval and recorded screenshot quality. Preview of the recorded screenshots can be accessed from a special view panel which shows historic data related to a given date.

Event Statistics

Graphical view of trending and historic data

All the recorded activities are saved and kept until you delete them. This way you can keep track of any activity through a user friendly graphic chart displayed in 2D or 3D. Activity logs can be exported in a binary or text format, and as bitmap image which can later be shown as statistical fact.

Administration Mode

Password protected work

Personal Monitor allows you to set a password which needs to be entered for it to run. This gives you the full freedom to use this smart piece of software and keeps your data secure from prying eyes.

Remote Log Backup

Keep your logs safe and your PC clean

Personal Monitor provides the options of sending the recorded activity data to a FTP server or via an e-mail message. These options are configured from the Personal Monitor's settings, and allow you to backup the information you want to keep about your PC activities.