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How to Install and Activate System Navigator

Installation of SysNav is very easy and intuitive as installer software will take you through several simple steps:
- Choosing installation path
- Choosing file/folder association
SysNav can and should become your default File Explorer. It can replace Windows Explorer very efficiently, and you should make it default file explorer for your system in order to experience SysNav fully.
You can also choose to set SysNav as default archive browser. It supports lots of archive formats, it's very fast and is the best all-in-one solution for archive handling.

How to Uninstall System Navigator

Uninstalling SysNav is a one step operation. Go to Control Panel and open "Programs and Features" section. Select System Navigator from the list of installed programs, and choose Uninstall from top toolbar to remove it. Removing SysNav also removes all file and folder association and system will use old values (the ones that were set prior to installation of SysNav) as new defaults.

Getting Started

SysNav will be added to the Start menu and on your Desktop after the installation is complete. You can start it from those shortcuts, and set it up as you want. Note that program will minimize to system tray after it was initially closed, meaning that it will be running all the time. It was perfectly optimized to use the most optimal amount of your system's resources, so there's no need to worry about them. Running from system tray is the preferred way of using SysNav, and you can read more about this in our FAQ.

Features and Functionality

SysNav provides you with all the possible options for file management, starting from the simple ones like creating, deleting, copying and moving files, to the complex operations of file splitting and merging, compressing, burning... It operates using dual panel interface which allows high performance usage.
For more detailed info about the available features go to our Features page, or start exploring your System Navigator today by downloading a trial!

Dual Monitor and Center panel

The usage of dual panels might seem 'old school' at first, but this is by far the easiest way of manipulating files in general. Having two destination folders shown at once is a time saver what ever operation you chose to perform, and it takes only a second of your time to adjust the panels to suite your needs. Dual monitor feature has been in use ever since the DOS days and is considered to be a standard among developers. It is available for common user too. SysNav brings it back in a form that will fit for non-professional use, as a way to simplify and speed up your everyday work.
If dual panels are something you are not used to, or you just don't need it, it can be switched off and changed to one single panel.
Center panel is a unique feature that contains a number of different options that change according to the type of file you select showing only the options most commonly used on files of that particular type. For example, it will show resize option when you select a photo, edit for textual files, etc. For more details and help on Center panel check our Live Options.

Social Networking

SysNav is primarily focused on file management, but high popularity of social networks made us integrate full interaction options with the most popular of these networks - Facebook. Yes, you can use SysNav to upload your photos to your Facebook profile or page, set visibility options, create and manage photo albums and much more. For more details go to our Facebook Feature Page.
SysNav has a built-in support for other social networks through Flickr photo uploads and movie clip uploading to YouTube.

FTP Manager

Exeone team has improved FTP and Secure FTP client, and added all the features that most users will ever need. Next to file downloads and uploads, you can instantly preview and edit remote files.
Secure FTP (SFTP) represents secured transfer over standard File Transfer Protocol that use asynchronious data encryption impossible to intercept. All features that System Navigator previously supported for regular FTP is not available for SFTP.

Image Operations

SysNav offers lots of sophisticated image operations that can be performed on one and more files simultaniusly. For instance you can select all images contained in chosen folders, convert them to another format and put them in one destination folder, or resize them and upload to Facebook or Flickr. Image Operations Tool is SysNav's feature that gathered and improved all current solutions according to user needs and feedback.
We are improving it all the time, adding all kinds of features for viewing, editing and group operations.

Manage your Files

System Navigator represents cutting-edge software in file managing. It's not modest to say what many people think that SysNav is the top software in field of File Managers.
It tends to encompass all the best solutions and to be as user-friendly as possible in order to support a growing group of faithful users which help improve software with fresh ideas.
Highly optimized user interface allows every operation to be performed in just a few clicks. Intelligent and intuitive concept binds all the parts of the program making file management as easy as child's play.

CD-DVD Burner

Purchasing Media burner software costs more than a copy of System Navigator. System Navigator contains all features necessary to burn your compilation on CD or DVD media.
The era of fast Internet connections and fast media like USB sticks and removable drives made CD and DVD burning obsolete. However, an advanced tool for CD/DVD burning was integrated into System Navigator in order to make it a complete solution.
CD/DVD Burner is a tool that you will use in case of emergency, and System Navigator has it.