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A powerful utility suite for managing, compressing and decompressing files and multimedia.

Archiver is the most comprehensive compression utility on the market! It supports 13 compression and 39 decompression formats. It has enhanced control over every step of the archiving process which makes it number one software in its category.

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Archiver is a powerful utility software that offers basic and advanced archiving options and a set of proven file management operations taken from System Navigator. It supports 39 compression formats in unpacking which makes it an ideal software for everyday use.

Packing files and folders using Archiver gives you the flexibility of choosing between various file formats and many advanced options that can be set for each compression algorithm. This is why it is the most suitable tool not just for archiving, but also for archive management as it allows you to scan your archives, test them for corruption, lock them with a password, browse them and split into smaller chunks...

Archiver isn't all about file compression. It also offers a set of file management tools and even an FTP client allowing you to pack and upload your files using only one piece of software. And while you wait for files to upload, you may decide to upload a recent photo to Flickr or Facebook, or a video to YouTube. You can do all that and much more with Archiver.

testimonials and reviews

Softpedia Editor's Review for Archiver

"A simple and very easy to handle application designed to provide you with the ability to compress and decompress archives in just a few moves"

Marina Dan, Softpedia

Softmonk review for Archiver

"Archiver stands forth as a comprehensive and easy to use utility which enables users to compress and decompress archives with a couple of clicks. The software is enhanced with easy to use and comprehensive solutions to serve users well."

Emircan Erdo─čan, Softmonk

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