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About us

Exeone Company

Exeone is software development company established in 2000 by different programming teams from several computer companies. Since then, Exeone worked on a number of projects including desktop, web and mobile applications for its clients from all over the world which finally lead to the creation of the multiply awarded file management software System Navigator.

Exeone is always involved in several active projects, working on its own applications as well as outsourcing projects. Exeone's experienced team is ready to stand in line with the biggest challenges able to create most powerful high quality solutions our clients need.

Outsourcing project applications are available from the Outsourcing page, where we include the outsourcing of different skills and levels of expertise. These include desktop, web and mobile programmers, project managers, graphic and web designers, translators, design engineers. Our people have successfully finished over 200 projects in the last 17 years, and are continuing the hard work with the same edge as always.

System Navigator


A versatile file manager and compression utility for Windows.

System Navigator is the most versatile file manager on the market! It contains many features that are not found in similar products. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy-to-use and that's a plus. It helps you manage your files, but it does SO much more.

Personal Monitor


Perfect software for monitoring your operating system at any given moment.

Personal Monitor is the stealth tool of your every day work allowing you to monitor every user interaction with your operating system. Whether you want to record your work or keep your PC safe by watching out for someone else's actions, Personal Monitor is the solution for you.



A powerful utility suite for managing, compressing and decompressing files and multimedia.

Archiver is the most comprehensive compression utility on the market! It supports 13 compression and 39 decompression formats. It has enhanced control over every step of the archiving process which makes it number one software in its category.

Employee Monitor


Corporate software for monitoring your employees productivity.

Increase productivity of your employees by the constant monitoring of their work stations. Employee monitor records every user interaction with the operating system, and allows remote monitoring of the recorded actions. You will never catch your employees playing Solitaire instead of working, again.